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Available Workflows

A workflow solution aims to increase efficiency, reduce errors, enhance communication, and provide a structured approach to managing complex business processes. It can be tailored to fit the unique needs of different departments and can significantly contribute to streamlining operations and improving overall productivity.

Below is a list of currently available workflows. If you need to start a new workflow, navigate to the dashboard of the individual workflow and you can start one from there. When it comes to communication for workflows, we can't individualize communication (emails or not per person) per step of a given workflow. For that reason, if you find yourself getting too many emails you can setup an email filter. Please use caution on setting up too general filters as you might filter things you need to see.

Over time, all forms currently available under the E-Signature system will be migrated to the new workflow solution.


Process and review WKU internal department entries through the Inter-Account Workflows.

Dashboard | Financial Manager Approval Groups

Faculty Continuance

A step-by-step approval process for faculty seeking continuance.

Dashboard | Proxy Admin

Faculty Tenure & Promotion

A step-by-step approval process for faculty seeking tenure & promotion.

Dashboard | Proxy Admin

FLAC Correction

A step-by-step approval process for the Faculty Load and Compensation Correction workflow.